Crafted Especially For You
Crafted Especially For You
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37 Inch Flags
SJ Fabrications

37 Inch Flags

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Veteran Hand Crafted Wood American Flags of varying sizes. Perfect patriotic gift for your loved one. 

  • Each flag is crafted together using hand selected quality blue bug pine or fir. The blue bug pine gives each flag its unique character with the blue bug markings.  
  • Each flag is hand torched to give it that rustic look. 
  • Each flag is finished with a premium water-based stain and a brand name gloss finish, which ensures each unique flag has the depth and beauty that your looking for.
  • The 24 inch flags and smaller are crafted together using our CNC to ensure the crisp clean lines that you want on your flag.  
  • The 37 inch flags and larger are beautifully hand crafted together with 13 individually selected, hand stained and torched strips. Giving it a more in-depth selection process when being crafted together. 
  • Each flag is secured together with backer boards to strengthen the flags integrity. 
  • Each flag will include the appropriate hanging hardware, so the flag is ready to hang when you receive it. 
  • If you are looking for any other type of specialized carving, please use the Contact Us Form to provide the details you are looking for. We will contact you to work out a quote for the design you want.
  • Made In USA. 

Shipping Expectations:

Since each order is hand crafted especially for you and we want to deliver the very best product please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipment of completed product. This will allow us to receive your order and discuss with you any questions we may have for your build. Larger more complex custom builds may take longer. 

We take pride in putting each of our flags together to ensure that you have a long lasting piece of art that is crafted especially for you. 

If you don't see an option you like, please send us your request under the contact sections and we will be happy to contact you and work with you on your design.